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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Music

My Band Rock Ridge Bluegrass has finished our recording. It was a very long process, and quite a learning curve, at least for me. While we may not be "Nashville" it certainly is the most musical organization I have had the honor to be part of. Not sure if anyone will read this, listen, or care, but I enjoyed producing the music. We will be putting the mp3s online next couple of days and the music is out for duplication.

We started the project as a loose demo, and it became more serious along the way, not sure why, just made sense, no discussions, just all made it happen. I engineered, mixed, mastered the CD. Mostly on my Martin Logans, PMCs, and Stax headphones. All in the band gave input, and it helped, but it only takes one off night to throw the audio out of whack. If anybody has ever tried record an acoustic audio project themselves, it's difficult, after a late evening and wondering what the hell you were thinking the next day. Ear fatigue makes for bad decisions, as does wanting to to be done. Early in the recording process threw up a mic that I would have never used otherwise thinking "it's only a demo" (which it is). Not a good idea, every time I hear the Mic, I cringe, but I doubt if anyone else would notice besides Victor, who used the mic in question.

We ended up using a MXL Revelation with a MXL 2003b capsule that I put in it on Guitar/Mando. MXL 2003s are excellent mics, as are the Revelations, I know the guys that designed it (including the owner of MXL mics), they take mics seriously, contrary to what the population and the "cheap Chinese mic" people say. The audio community.....    Oh, while I do work for MXL, I would use the mics I used no matter what, and have a fairly good size mic locker (as does MXL), some MXLs just sound good. I can't stand KM84s, AKG451s, (even own them). I would never sabotage a project, too many hours in it. Vocals were Neumann U89. Kinda surprised I used the Neumann, but it just sounded good in the mix after all was done to the vocal chain. Bass was a Gefell M7 cap, Banjo was mostly a Apex ribbon. All in all, fairly happy with they way it turned out, Joise's & Jon voices had the air that I like so much, but not too much. Engineers always say "use the mics in the mix", that is so true, choosing a vocal mic without the rhythm just doesn't give good results.


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