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Saturday, March 19, 2011

M600 Dinosaur mixing console project,

Ebay is a exciting place to get vintage and new recording equipment, which I am using to record Rock Ridge Bluegrass Band. I am taking a Tascam M600, which I bought new in 1998 and hacking in different channel strips from the better vintage and newer consoles. Oddly, they are still making new analog consoles...... This picture shows two D&R Orion strips, 1 MCI strip and a very old Langevin AM16 sitting on top of the Dinosaurs power supply.  I need take the time to hook up my o-scope fix the Langevin, which use to work. I have another that is still like new.

The AM16 was probably built in late 50s, early 60s. There was a time when transistors were used with transformers on both the input and output of the mic pre-amp. McIntosh amps did this for a while also. Now, they usually use a cheap capacitor on the output to AC couple.

When I bought the Tascam M600, it was the last one shipped from Japan and they sent all the spare modules from the factory. Interestingly, the M600 has discrete Mic pre-amps and sound very good, the EQs are a bit harsh but I have recapped them to make them sound better. These consoles are found in some pretty high end studios around the world, and have been modded and used by some big names, but here in the states.....it's just a Tascam.


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