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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I decided to write

While writing software for MXL/Marshall Electronics, I can spend weeks in my office, working long days to late at night, not talking to anybody. Reading this software blog how-to-write-without-writing  talks about how import it is to communicate/write, which really something I avoid at all costs. Communication in general, is not my strong suit, so I have decided to break out of my software shell and start interacting with the world.  If something goes wrong in my life, I usually just work harder and "shut-the-f..k-up". I don't think that helps communication.

Recording acoustic music is extremely challenging, I love playing/recording with new recording gear, hopefully writing will open up dialogs with other musicians or audio engineers. There is so much to learn and no place to really learn it online, or to even look over a shoulder while an important session in underway. Recording appears to be a who you know business, and holing up in an office writing software in Chico doesn't create the environment for learning about recording.


  • At May 16, 2012 at 12:22 PM , Blogger Ryan Miller said...

    I know the feeling of feeling a little holed up and isolated from others with musical interests. For me, that's not a critism of our community as much as it speaks to the busy-ness of life. With that, I appreciated you approaching me and Phil at the Nut Festival and it was a thrill and an honor to play with you and Josie at the end of the last show at Cafe Flo - The sense of community in that moment was almost intoxicating as it was so much fun.

    I'm interested in being connected to a community of supportive musicians/interesting people such as yourself. I definitely prefer the real world, but have also been able to find some of those connections through sites like Fandalism. I've connected with other players who know more than I do and they often seem glad to lend their experience and know-how. It's been helpful to me. You might give Fandalism a shot if you have the time and interest.


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